Sunday, November 4, 2012



Thursday, May 3, 2012

Heart of a servant

In this world, people works  everyday for their needs day by day. Do they really know when will it going to end? Life is unpredictable, because it is not control by us, but God. How many of us really know God. We know Him, but do we really feel His existences? Since we were child, we used to call 'mum, dad,, help me..' or 999 for emergency. Yes, they can help us for sure, but there is another one who standing beside us. That is our God, our creator. Sometimes, we only ask for His help when we are already in front of dead end. He is not our emergency center. He is our best friend actually...T.T

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Little Mid Sem test

Know to do, yet still can't do...T.T

Monday, February 20, 2012

I am strange enough..!!

Thanks to God, holidays ended here come another new semester. Need to leave my family again. I hate this feeling. Every time I come back here, the felling will just appear. I am not home sick by missing them but worrying them. Sigh. As a elder son, I need to take care of my parents and my siblings as well. carrying such big responsibilities. It is still far away to go for me to start my career. I know only God knows how I feel and there are His plans on me, but sometimes myself will lost my faith, drown, and dead end. I do not know what happened to me.

What happened to me?
Why is this happening?
How does it comes from?
When did I started become like this?

Oh, no.. I am not who am I anymore. I feel want to hit the wall with my hand, break something to release this tension. I do not want to become like this.

Many doubts inside me. Many problems inside me. Negative thinking, depressions, and sadness. I am nothing in this world. Studying also not good, wasting money and time. "Sampah masyarakat" in malay. I feel like a rubbish or even worst than that. Argh..!!! I feel so disappointed with myself. I feel so shameful to Him. I am really nothing. I falling down to the hill, drown into sea deeply..I really hate this feeling. I need a doctor. God, please help me. I know you are there. Pull me out from all this sadness in my heart. Nobody understand.. God, I am really  

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Are you ready for the baton?

21st January 2012, 4.20pm in KLIA ~ Thanks God, finally 1st semester of my second year officially ended. I am now waiting for my flight on 5.50pm. Finally I have a time to sit down to relax a while.

First of all, I am very thankful to the Lord Jesus for guiding me. My semester has ended, yet, even it is about to be the end of January, I would like to wish Happy New year 2012 and Happy Chinese New Year too. Time past very fast, and Jesus is coming soon.

What can I say here during 2011, many things happened. I am unexpected I has entered to 2nd year in my degree programme. Thanks for His guidance and I could make myself to the church.

The best moment was I had my opportunity to serve Him during the National Youth Fellowship ( Malaysia and Sabah GAs) in Ogos 2011. It was the first even between this 2 GAs, and it will be continuously too. Taking part in this event make us enclose to God and to strengthen and tighten our relationship in Christ.

Not forget too, Penampang Church 30th Anniversary in July if not mistaken, ^^. We invited Lu Zhou, Taiwan brethren to help and taking part in this local church event. Lu Zhou church can be said like a friend to Penampang Church. We have many friends in between this 2 churches. In this event, we had the Evangelistic service where will handle by Lu Zhou brethren and also the thanks giving services. I was helping Bro. Donald Chong to preparing the multimedia slideshow. We spent our time to find the old pictures, we did a video, showing the timeline of Penampang church where it was just started from a prayer house and increasing and developing into a big church. Thanks to God for such grace and bless.

In the new year of 2012, we spent the countdown time in church by sharing the grace of God during the year 2011. Pr. Joseph Chong gave us some motivation or advice to the youths during Youth Service:

- Do not waste the youthful time
- Draw near to God
- Be a friend of God

It were good words for me. As I am 24 years old in this year. All of us is growing up, and the seniors are retiring one by one. It is the time for us to learn to serve Him. We are no longer just a listener during the service but we are now are the soldier of God. We do need to be humble, but do not forget it is our responsibilities since we were baptized in His name. We have received the training from the church and now it is the time for us to move as the front line team. Together we contribute to church, develop it and win the souls. Dear readers, do pray for us.

Many works is waiting for us. Let us get prepare physically and spiritually in this year. May the peace of Lord always be with you who read my blog. Amen.=)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another New Year to be thankful..=)

Happy New Year 2012 to everyone..!!!

I hope it is not for me to wish Happy New Year. Time passed day by day. The year 2011 is become a history.
We need to move forward now.. New year, new wish, new hope.

May GOD always be with all of you..=)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last few weeks

Thanks God, here come the December and going to year 2012.

Few weeks ago, I joined the Kajang Church Youth Choir went to Melaka Church for helping Hymnal Evangelistic Night. Thanks God, every things went smoothly and there were many truth seekers. We have Musical instruments, witnessing, sermons and choir.

On the way to Melaka church, we met some problems. We were stopped by the polices, because we were using a school bus as the vacation bus. The school bus is owned by a brother from Kajang Utama church. They talked to the polices quite long, but I don't know what were they saying. Thank God, we didn't get any summon as we have bought insurance in a legal way, where have a black and white as a prove, so the polices can not do anything to arrest or summon us.  We continued our journey and reached Melaka church around 11am.

We go to church hall to had our thanks giving prayer and started our practice + rehearsal for evangelistic on that night.

Flute by Sis Elaine and Harmonica by Sis Yin Huey
Mini Choir
Sis. Wen Jing as MC
Sis Lik Vin as Pianist
Bro Peter CHong the guitarist

Bro Lik Hang solo + violin by Sis Lik Vin

Mini Choir
Sis Elaine, also the choir conductor
Sorry, I did not take the picture of the full choir because I was inside the choir too. The next day, sunday morning, we have our fellowship with Melaka brethren. After that we had our city tour in Melaka. Do you know that Melaka has many traffic light? It take 20 minutes to reach a short distance place..>.<
We went to a sight-seeing tower, Menara Tamingsari. It is quite famous. We paid RM 10 for 1 person to sit inside for 10 minutes. We waited for 2 hours. reaching inside the waiting room, here came a big rain. Little Bro. Henry Chen had his prayer and the rain stopped a while. As we get inside the tower, the rain continued become heavy. Now we are stucked inside for 20 minutes with air-conditioner..Hehe.. We were thanks to God. Other people paid RM 10 for 10 minutes + waiting so long, and we have extra free air-conditioner inside for 20minutes. Hehehe... really syok.. The following pictures are the views of Melaka city.

At night, we started our journey back to KL. Then we had another problem. Now the air-conditioner of the bus malfunctioned. We were hot inside. Then we all prayed together inside the bus, and thanks to God. The air-cond survived. We are so thankful, even though there were problems during the journey to go and back from Melaka, every thing is under control by God. We had our dinner in Seremban before reach Kajang church at 11pm ++.

It was a great journey. Next year, we, Kajang Youth Choir is planning to do church visiting to North Region. Hope everything can be planned well as His will. May God always be with all of us. Amen.